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Welcome to my blog!  My name is Amy and my husband's name is Doug.  We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary this year.  We didn't know when we were planning it but we were married on December 12th, which is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, how cool is that?!

I'm now a stay at home mom to five beautiful children here with us and two we lost to miscarriage who are with the Lord.

Oh yeah, and we homeschool.

In my former life (before kids) I was an accountant.  I really enjoyed it and worked outside the home up until our second was born.  My husband Doug has a finance degree and MBA and currently works in the financial field.  You would think, being an accountant and being married to a finance person we would always have our checkbook balanced.  You would be wrong!  I always tell people it is easier working with other people's money than your own.  You still have to develop discipline with your own money.  It does, however, come in handy when we refinance our house or do our taxes.  Wouldn't want to think my accounting degree is going to waste!

This is our Firstborn.  He is now 12 years old and is a nature loving, tree climbing very typical responsible first child.  This summer his favorite pastime has been fishing.  I grew up with no brothers and one sister so the whole boy thing was a steep learning curve for me.  I must say I love, love, love being the mom of boys.  God knew what he was doing starting our family with boys and I'm enjoying the adventure they bring to our family life.

My second son was a bit harder to capture.  You have no idea how much time I spent looking through pictures (note to self, need more quality pictures of him).  It's not that he's one of the middle children and so I've been remiss taking photos of him.  No, it's just that he's in constant motion!  Most of my shots are like this...

That's him on the left
or this...
Attacking brothers in van

Finally!!  A quality picture of Soccer Boy (and I have tons of soccer pics of him too, mostly from the back and not real recognizable).  He's now 10 years old ("double digits", he'd say) and is our most active child.  He was walking at 9 months, climbing everything soon after.  Soccer is currently his game of choice, although he enjoys playing all sports.  At five he was freaking out the other moms at the pool by diving to the bottom of the deep end and seeing how long he could hold his breath!  He's also the resident comedian and loves telling jokes and sneaking up on people.  He never fails to entertain his younger siblings, they love hanging out with him and will laugh as soon as he enters the room. 

This is our third son who we will nickname GameBoy (because of his expertise in all things electronic).  He is 7 years old and is a genius at the computer.  The typical middle child, he spends his days hanging out with his older brothers or playing games with his younger sister.  He is an incredibly sweet and a very orderly kid.  GameBoy is also an awesome kitchen helper.  He loves cracking eggs and baking up pancakes and cupcakes (although he's also one of our picky eaters, so he doesn't necessarily eat what he makes).  Go figure??

What would our world be like without Princess?  She's currently the only daughter in the family and her birth changed the whole dynamic of our household.  Suddenly we have Pretty Ponies and Dora toys littering the house!  True to her nickname she is the 4 year old Princess who holds court in our home.  She is all about everything girl and is very kind and outgoing.  I still keep waiting for her brothers to turn her into a tomboy but so far that has not happened.  Dad is especially smitten with her, having grown up with three brothers and no sisters he is constantly asking "is this REALLY what girls are like"?!  Yes, yes and yes...

Last but not least is our 1 year old, Toddler Boy.  As you can see, he really likes the park swings!  My mom likes to brag that he is our easiest baby yet.  Maybe that's because he gets dragged to all his older siblings' activities.  He loves being outdoors and he is really enjoying walking and being more mobile.  Toddler Boy also hates shoes so he tends to be barefoot most days.  He has tossed shoes off the grocery cart, at church, and at the last parade our family attended (I managed to retrieve that one)!

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about us!

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