Saturday, July 23, 2016

Back to Blogging!!

1. has been too many months since I last posted, almost a year has passed.  What can I say?  It's been a season of silence and prayer.  We attended too many funerals, one of which was a teenage friend of my older kids.  I lost a friend when I was their age, so this had me reliving the experience as a parent.  In some ways I think it was more difficult walking with them through the grief process than it was going through it myself so many years ago.

Although my blog was silent I was still reading and keeping up with many of yours (thank you Bloglovin).

2.  It is hot outside!!  Hot, hot, and more hot...

We are currently in an "excessive heat warning".  I see people taking their kids to the area parks and zoo and I think are you crazy??!!  I, obviously, appreciate air conditioning a bit too much.  The high humidity outside just zaps my energy so we've been doing indoor projects with a late day trip to the pool thrown in.  Last week we had storms roll through that took out lots of branches and uprooted trees in the neighborhood.  When I took the kids out the next day they commented "why did all the neighbors decide to trim their trees at the same time"?  We were blessed that our power was not out all night, some places in town lost it for days.

3.  Our air conditioner on the van went out again last week.  It went out a couple weeks ago and they recharged it and added a dye so they could find the leak.  Did I mention how hot it is?

Great timing.  We also found out it is a $2,000 fix if we want to keep the rear air vents going in the back of the van.  In comparison, we're looking at $200 for a cheaper fix but we'll lose the back air vents.  Really thinking the rear vents are not worth the additional $1,800 (granted, I don't ride in the back of the van that often).  The kids may have a different opinion but they're not the ones paying for it.  When I was young enough to ride in the back of a van the "rear air vents" were called "windows".   Doug recalls their family always drove with the windows down and rarely ran the AC.  In fact, when we were dating he preferred riding with the windows down.  Nostalgic!  He mentioned to me yesterday that he is almost getting used to not having AC again...which is my signal to get it fixed ASAP before he relapses into the 90's.

4.  That sinking feeling you get when the kids ask if you purchased a "Big Hero 6" blu-ray.  Um, no, why do you ask?  Then they bring you a video rented from the video store two or three weeks ago that was not returned because it was mistakenly placed in our personal video collection.  I know we've been to that store at least once or twice since then and they never mentioned the outstanding video!  Sigh... (Update, it only cost me $2, hallelujah)!

Speaking of overdue fees, our library card is up for renewal and I'm considering asking if we can just get a free year because we probably paid more in overdue fees/lost item replacements last year than the actual cost of the card.  I'm sure they just love us.  When you have 5 kids and you're checking out the number of items we do being one day late costs us $2.00 (at the rate of 10 cents per item per day).  No excuses since I can do the renewals on-line.

5.  I just started reading this book...

I'm still in the first week of it, but so far I like it.  A study on Divine Mercy according to the teachings of Doctor of the Church, St. Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower).  Great reading material for this Jubilee Year of Mercy.  I read Michael E. Gaitley's previous book, 33 Days to Morning Glory about this time last year.
Throwback pic from last Fall,
note pumpkin flavored coffee with whipping cream
Really great stuff.  The hardest part for me is only reading one page a day, I'm the type of reader who wants to devour the whole book at once and then go back over it and reflect piece by piece.  Only reading and digesting a little at a time kills me.

6.  My youngest did some artwork in his Sunday school class this weekend...

Me:  Who did you draw
Youngest:  That's you and that's me
Me:  ???
Youngest:  I forgive you for last week when you dropped me off at class and told me you'd be right back but you didn't come back!
Me:  I did come back to get you.
Youngest:  You weren't very fast...

I'm glad he's paying attention in class but I think a 5 year old's version of time might be a bit different than mine.  I did promise that I would not use the words "right back" anymore and let him know I would pick him up after class instead.  At least I'm forgiven!

7.  A picture from the pool...

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