Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes - City Museum Style

We went on our annual City Museum field trip this week, so I thought I'd post a 7 Quick Takes on it.  If you've never been it's a really neat place, everything is made out of recycled material.  Enjoy the pics!

1.  This makes our 5th year homeschooling, and also the 5th year of belonging to the area christian homeschool group.  They've taken a field trip to the City Museum in St. Louis every year and we've gone to all of them since we've joined.  It's becoming a tradition at our house, and I always take some group shots of the kids.

This year's group shot
2011 group shot
2010 Group Shot
They're sitting in almost the exact same spot, in the same order...and no, that wasn't planned, that's just how they happened to sit down.  But you can really see how much the kids have grown over the past couple of years.

2.  Toddler Boy is not included in that 2011 picture because he wasn't born yet.  We went to the City Museum twice in 2011 because of the way the field trip dates fell.  I was very, very pregnant with Toddler Boy on that field trip!  I have pictures of me, but they're not particularly good so I'm not posting them.  In case you've never been there, the City Museum has a lot of stairs.  Which meant lots of exercise for the 9 month pregnant mom that year.

3.  This is the first year we got to go ON THE ROOF!!!  In past trips it was raining or snowing so we couldn't play on the outside stuff.  Last year we made it outside for about 1/2 hour before the rain started so the roof wasn't open.  It was really neat...

That's Game Boy and Firstborn climbing to the praying mantis
Boys riding ferris wheel on top of the roof

4.  I discovered Princess is a bit afraid of heights because she wasn't too keen to climb any of the roof stuff or get anywhere near the edge (I don't particularly blame her).  I did get one shot of her in the clouds while we watched the boys ride the ferris wheel...
Princess holding her stuffed doggie

5.  I also discovered that Soccer Boy is the least afraid of heights in our family.  The first thing he wanted to do on the roof was walk out on the bus (you know, the bus that hangs halfway off the roof...yeah, that bus).  Then he proceeds to bang on the bars by the front door...what sensible person wants to test to see if those will actually hold?!?!

I don't have a shot of the boys going on the bus because, frankly, I didn't let them stay on it long!  I do have a shot of Soccer Boy walking across the fountain walkway that happens to have the bus in the background.

6.  Since this post has too many shots of the boys I'll throw a few in of Princess...
Riding tiger on this trip
Riding tiger almost 2 years ago
That tiger was one of her favorite things on both trips.  The cute thing about it, because she's so young she doesn't remember going the previous years.  So everything is new to her every time we go.  But I remember the things she really enjoyed so I make sure to take her back to those things.  I then get to see her excitement as she experiences them new (to her) all over again.  It is in times like this that I'm reminded of what a privilege and sacred honor it is to raise these children and get to share their life with them.

7.  Just wanted to throw in some more pictures of past years and fun time at the City Museum...
Dad & Princess in the ray tank
at the World Aquarium (inside City Museum)
Game Boy letting nurse fish nibble fingers at World Aquarium
Princess & Game Boy riding train 2011

Game Boy & Soccer Boy riding train 2010
Soccer Boy swinging in the ramp room
Game Boy climbing bars
Second 2011 group shot
Dad & Toddler Boy in World Aquarium
Boys sliding on the roof
Family shot from the roof

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