Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day on the Farm

We spent Sunday visiting Doug's folks at their home in the country.  Lots of pictures of kids with horses so I thought I'd photo dump...

On the way (only picture of myself
from that day)!
Doug's Mom set a beautiful table

Of course, oldest three boys went fishing!

Princess is going to outgrow
riding on Daddy's head soon...

More fishing

Princess loves to run everywhere!

Toddler Boy LOVED riding his favorite horse Joey

So did Princess!

Game Boy got a ride too

Toddler Boy loved riding the horse.  He kept wanting to go around again and again (which irritated Princess, who was waiting her turn).  I didn't get any pictures of myself, I think I would rather be holding the camera than leading the horses!  Doug's mom had sandwiches and made cheesecake for dessert.  It was a sunny day out but there was a breeze that kept it from being too hot.  I wore a sleeveless shirt and ended up getting a bit of a sunburn on my arms, nothing terrible.

We made it back home before suppertime and then Doug and I hit the gym to work off the cheesecake!  A beautiful day to celebrate the privilege I have in being called Mom.

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