Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

First off, I want to start with the fact that Memorial Day is a holiday we have to honor and remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.  I saw this post from last year floating around on Facebook and she says it better than anyone I've heard so far...

Memorial Day vs Veterans Day

My family has been blessed in that Doug and I do not personally know anyone who has given their life in combat.  We both have family who have, distant relatives we have never had the blessing of meeting face to face but whose memories live on in the people we love.  We spoke of them yesterday and prayed for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, especially the ones in our own family.

And then we honored their lives by spending time with our families this weekend, both immediate and extended...

Enjoying ice cream at Doug's folks' house

Shortcake was my sole contribution to
the menu...but it was great with strawberries!

Princess spent the day with her cousin at
my sister and brother-in-law's house

Pool time!!

Dominoes, a family favorite

My Mom & Dad's new grill, those are the kid's burgers
we had steak!

We had a wonderful weekend, it only rained for a brief period on Monday at my folk's house.  Firstborn got to take his first horseback riding lesson with Doug's parents' horses.  No pictures from that because I was watching the little ones inside the house, maybe I'll get some from the next lesson.  I cantored Sunday morning at Mass and then had cantor practice while Doug took the other kids to our Protestant church solo.  For some of the kids this was their last week in their Sunday school class, next week is "graduation" week when the kids move to their new classrooms.  We still haven't got the family logistics totally worked out yet.  Firstborn will probably attend the adult worship service with us for awhile until we get it figured out.

I imagine if our fallen loved ones were with us and they got to choose how to spend their time, that this is exactly how they would spend it.  Enjoying the love and fellowship of their families.

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