Wednesday, May 14, 2014

8th Grade Graduation

We attended Firstborn's eighth grade graduation last night.  The parents of the graduates in our homeschool group got together to create a wonderful ceremony to honor our students' accomplishments and give them a send off into their high school years.  Again with the photo dumping...

Firstborn with Dad

He's taller than me now (and I was wearing heels)

Doug's parents came to the ceremony

Toddler Boy slept thru almost the whole thing!

Firstborn with my folks

Princess all dressed up!

Princess with me

Princess with her Grandpa

Centerpieces & Program

Family shot

We got there early to grab seats (or in our case, an entire row) and to snap group pictures.  Firstborn was happy that both sets of grandparents were able to attend.  I was happy that Toddler Boy fell asleep on the drive to the church, I carried him in and he laid down in the pew and slept.  He stayed that way through the rehearsal beforehand and almost all the way through the ceremony.  He woke up just in time for cake and punch!  I was happy we all made it on time and in one piece.  It is always tricky getting everyone dressed up and ready by myself (Doug came straight from the office), but we made it!

Congratulations on finishing middle school...looking forward to what high school has in store!!


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