Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

So, this is the first time I've done one of these posts.  I'm usually the one behind the camera, but I've enjoyed reading some of the other "what I wore" posts.  As a general rule I usually don't blog on Sundays but I was taking pictures of the boys sledding in the snow so I had my oldest snap a few of me in my church outfit.  Really, I try to wear comfortable clothes to Mass and church because I'm usually chasing little ones around and/or nursing so I need practical.  Also, I usually don't change clothes and end up wearing it the rest of the day.  I will change these boots at some point because as cute as they are and as practical as they are in the snow they are not particularly comfortable.

So we woke today to 3 inches of snow on the ground!!  I know I am the reason for this, because I just commented yesterday on a friend's blog here that I wanted one more sledding day before the early spring that the groundhog predicted this year.  So here's what I wore to 8:00am Mass today (after I cleaned all the snow off the van)...
Look at all the beautiful snow!!
I just got the scarf recently (a gift from our donation to World Vision) but the pink shirt I wanted to wear with it has been MIA for a few weeks...must be a casualty of our laundry room right now.  So I opted for the green shirt instead.  The scarf has pink flowers with green leaves woven into it (you can't see it from the picture).  I chose my standby jean skirt that I got from Kohl's a few years back and I have gray tights on under it (they don't match but you can't see them anyway, and it's cold outside)!  Then there's the brown boots I got at our favorite consignment shop last year.  They were a great find, you can't pick up boots for less that $80 around here.  Not sure if blue, green and brown all go together but I thought it looked good.

I was happy that I managed to make it to Reconciliation yesterday evening.  Normally my family goes to our protestant church's Saturday evening service so I can't make Saturday evening Reconciliation at my Catholic church.  But Doug was doing the grocery shopping and was running behind so we decided to go to Sunday morning late service.  I was at Reconciliation for an hour and when I got home my hubby was like "what did you do that you were gone so long"!!  Haha.  No, I was the only one there so I took the opportunity to visit with the priest for awhile.  I enjoy talking with him and we must both be long winded, so there you go!  I don't know why more people at my church don't avail themselves to that sacrament.  It's a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how my spiritual life is going and whether I'm on track.  Knowing I would have to confess it later has kept me from overtly sinning more times than I can count since becoming Catholic.  It's one thing to confess your sins privately to God but a whole other matter to confess it to an actual person.  I'm sure Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He gifted us with this sacrament.

This Sunday post is becoming long enough so I'll wrap it up and get ready to watch the Super Bowl!

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  1. I think the shirt is a great match with the scarf! The color combo is lovely.

  2. You look lovely. Your wearing two of my favorite and green. Fabulous!!

  3. Thank you Shannon & Mary! I just realized the pink shirt I was looking for is the same one I have on in the header picture at the top of my blog. I have a scarf on in that one too, maybe I'm seeing a pattern??...

  4. Love the green shirt. Green is my favorite color.

  5. A lovely scarf indeed! And you are so right about Recinciliation. It is so beautiful and freeing!

  6. Beautiful scarf! And I like your comments about Reconciliation. I agree :)