Monday, February 18, 2013

Fun at the Skating Rink

Dad & Princess (Firstborn in background)
Not bad for first time on roller skates!
Thought I'd post some pictures of our family outing to the local skating rink on Sunday...

This was not "technically" Princess' first time on skates.  She's gone skating before and she practices at home too.  This was the first time she really got the hang of it and was able to skate solo, at least on the carpeted areas of the rink.

Eating popcorn, yum!
This is what occupied most of our almost 2 year old's time at the rink.  While his older siblings were skating he was content munching away on popcorn, drinking soda and playing with the arcade games.  He only wandered away from us once (and that was on Dad's watch, not mine,

Me and Toddler Boy
I spent a lot of time in the roller rink as a junior high schooler but that day I was in my tennis shoes because someone had to be able to chase the littles around on foot.  Doug opted to do the skating this time, maybe we'll switch on our next outing.  I still have my roller skates from back then, and they still fit.  I think I wore them one time skating last year.  I was rockin the high top tennis shoe skates with the multi-colored wheels and shoelaces...gotta love the 80's style!

Firstborn wearing the in-line skates
Game Boy enjoying a hot dog
We got there early enough to snag a table at the concession area, so that worked out well considering three of our family of seven were not skating.  Our church hosted the event and had a buffet of pizza and soda (but we went ahead and got the kids hot dogs and popcorn too).
Soccer Boy's cache of prizes won in the arcade area!
He gave one to Game Boy, which made him very happy!

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