Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the year 2013, aren't you excited?!  Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary had a great post here that talked about new year resolutions.  I liked her post because I feel that is exactly where I am at right now...my prayer life is off, due to sleeping in, due to our bedtime routines being MIA because of the holiday season.  In her post she talked about breaking down areas in her life.  Reading her words rang a bell with me and I had to go look up an old entry in my prayer journal.  In it I wrote about watching the "5 Hs" in my life (nice acronym).  The Hs stand for (in no particular order):

1.  Husband
2.  Heaven
3.  Home
4.  Homeschooling
5.  Health

When I start to feel overwhelmed or like my life has been replaced by a circus act and I'm just running around juggling all the spinning plates...that is when I remind myself to check the five Hs.  That feeling is like a warning light that says one of my Hs has gotten out of whack and needs an adjustment.  In Jen's post she speaks of finding an underlying cause (her example...lack of sleep due to bedtime routines being off) that might be causing multiple "red lights" in different areas.  That by fixing one issue you can solve more than one problem.  Multi-tasking at it's finest!

I really liked this little piece of New Year's advice.  It's not like making resolutions is going to solve every struggle and make life a cake walk.  But, focusing my energy on changing small things that may affect many areas of my life...that I can accomplish.  Minor adjustments can sometimes equal the biggest benefits.

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