Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lent Starts Tomorrow!

I haven't posted in a month because I was getting our family ready for this...

Sunrise at the beach...heaven!
We just got back into town a couple days ago.  I'm planning to do a post all about our week long Florida beach vacation on Friday, complete with pictures!  But today's post is going to revolve around Lent, because Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and I wanted to get my Lenten plans out there, accountability and all.  I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Lent.  Usually I make way too many plans and things tend to fall apart mid season.  In the past I could use the excuse that I was a baby Catholic and Lent was new territory for me.  However, we're coming up on my four year anniversary of entering the Church and I'm thinking that excuse may be wearing a bit thin?

This year is going to be different!  I am determined to not over extend and over commit myself and become a caffeine deprived crazy woman by the time Easter rolls around.  The goal is to not allow my family to suffer because of my utter lack of self discipline during the upcoming penitential season.

I did decide to log off of Facebook for the season.  I'm even planning on taking it off my iphone (gasp)!  This is tricky because I do belong to groups who use that social media platform to plan meetings and make important announcements.  I have them linked to my email address so I don't miss anything important.  I don't post much so I doubt anybody will think I died, we'll see.  I thought this would be a good thing to give up because I have noticed myself mindlessly surfing it in my down time.  I considered taking a blog break but decided against it for this year.  I tend to receive encouragement for the journey from you guys and as you can see from my posting record, I'm not on here that much.  I read way more than I post, so I may limit that a bit.  Haven't quite gotten all the details worked out, nothing like waiting until the last minute!  Procrastination for the win...

Bonus, my women's bible study
is reading it with me.
The other major change I wanted to make this season is going to adoration for an hour once per week.  We have a 24 hour chapel in the area that I've gone to a few times.  I did pick up the book by Father Wilfred Stinissen, Into Your Hands Father.  I have had it for weeks but I have forced myself not to crack it open because I wanted to save it for Lent.  Granted, I was busy getting ready for vacation so I didn't have time to look at it, but still, willpower!  I never like leaving a good book sit on the shelf.  So the idea is to take it with me to adoration and read it there (this will also help me keep my adoration appointment).

I have other plans for doing some works of mercy and especially involving the older boys but I haven't quite gotten it all worked out.  I may post more about it after it's on the calendar.  That's pretty much it in a nutshell.  These are my plans but I'm sure God has his own plans on what He wants me to work on during Lent and I'm looking forward to what He has in store and how it all turns out.  His way is always the best way and He tends to surprise me, which is good.  It keeps life interesting!

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