Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soccer Boy's 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday!!
Soccer Boy turned 12 years old on January 9 of this year.  He is my only child that is officially born in the winter season, all of our other birthdays are in March and April.  We usually drive down to my parent's house to celebrate birthdays but we had a snow/ice storm come thru the area that weekend.  We were snowed in so we did cake at our house this year.

He wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  We ordered a cake that looked like this:

I spoke to the cake decorator on the phone, I mentioned we wanted the cake that was on the website.   Not a problem, right?  When we picked the cake up it looked like this:
Goldfish is exactly what we ordered!

Soccer Boy commented that he was glad that we didn't invite his friends over because that would have been embarrassing!  As it was, he didn't care overly much because the cake tasted just as good.
Make a wish!
The cake didn't last long...

Happy birthday to my favorite 12 year old!  Love ~~ Your Mom

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