Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Crazy New Year

This year is putting in a nomination for the category the year everything breaks down and needs to be replaced.  I mentioned in my last post how our digital camera had bit the dust right before Christmas.  So we went out and bought a new one.  Then the computer started acting up before we could even get the Christmas pictures downloaded off the new camera!  It all began with a misfire in one of the USB drives (there are 8 on my computer).  First the mouse stopped working (thank God for keyboard mouse commands, although incredibly slow they were a lifesaver).  We tried everything under the sun before realizing that it wasn't a mouse problem but a drive problem, specifically a hardware one.  Then all my USB connected devices started going crazy and we broke down and called our favorite computer guy to rescue us yet again (we love you Rusty)!  I know just enough about computer hardware to be considered dangerous.  Funny to think that at one time I was actually employed part time as a network administrator.  The computer and networking industry has jumped by leaps and bounds since I left the workforce 12 years ago to stay home with my babies.

As soon as the computer was operational again the washing machine stopped draining water.  The way you discover your washer has stopped draining is that you are left with a machine full of wet clothes and water.  This is where it pays off to have family live nearby (who happen to have a wet/dry vac, spare washing machine and a truck).  Doug's folks rescued us with a spare machine and they took ours and dropped it off at a repair shop/mechanic who fixes machines on the side.  As my dad would say, "it's all about who you know".  The job was done so fast I don't remember driving down to the laundromat once during the whole ordeal.  I got a cleaned up laundry room and a semi-cleaned out garage from the ordeal too.  The older boys and I spent an afternoon decluttering them just to get the washer in and out (and in again).

Next on the list, our van!  It started making a barely audible noise that turned into a cannot be ignored noise within two days.  My parents came to the rescue this time with a spare car that seats six while my precious spent a week in the shop.  About the time we got the van back (to the tune of $600) Doug's car got a flat tire while he was at work, and in the middle of the ice storm that hit a few days into the new year.  We spent the afternoon trying to fix it while freezing our tails off (and him in dress clothes).  You don't know fun until you try to change a tire, in dress clothes, in ice and slush in below zero wind chill.  Did I mention Doug had a terrible head cold at the time too?  That head cold took a turn for the worse after the tire trial and he battled it for three more weeks.  That's saying something considering this is a man who is never sick.  I don't even remember the last time he took a sick day.  Next time we'll just call our insurance for the fix.

Our last repair item to date is the upstairs bathroom toilet.  To be fair, this one had been giving us problems for awhile and we had been ignoring it.  We finally went out and got the replacement toilet that claims it can flush "40 golf balls at once".  We have that model toilet in our downstairs bathroom and have never had an issue with it.  It appears to be able to handle the occasional toy car or extra toilet paper that the kids love to flush.  One more item checked off the house upkeep list.

Nikon D3200

I am sincerely hoping that we don't have any more "surprise" issues with 2014.  Maybe this year has gotten them all out of it's system early?  One of the big reasons I took a blogging break was because of these back to back to back things that kept cropping up.  I want to be able to look back at this time and remember this insane month and be able to laugh (or at least, smile).  It reminds me to be grateful for the people in my life and how they help us, sometimes in very practical ways.  Sometimes you need someone to pray with you and sometimes you need practical help.  Occasionally, you need both.

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