Monday, July 29, 2013

Park Days

As everyone else in the Midwest United States, we are totally taking advantage of the fall-like temperatures at the end of July and heading to the park...

Loves smiling for the phone/camera!

Hanging out with Jesus

The kids love going to the "Jesus Park" (which is part of a local Catholic Shrine).  They added a water feature a few years back, which is great on hot summer days.  Not so great for today, I spent some of our park visit warning the kids to "stay away from the water"!

"Sliding" photo, static hair and all!
Totally not centered, but not bad considering I took it with my ancient camera phone, which is known for it's blurry action shots.  One of his favorite activities, he probably went up and down it a dozen times.

Fall, 2011

Other favorite activity, the swing.  What a difference two years makes!  The two older boys are at church camp this week, so I just have the "littles" at home (ages 2/5/8).  Doug and I always find the change in the family dynamic fascinating.  Life moves at just a bit slower pace when we only have the younger ones to parent.  I find myself going to the park more often, feeding the ducks, making sure to be home for nap times, etc.  In other words, things I used to do when I just had little ones (3 under 5).  I enjoy the change up, even if it can be a bit more exhausting because I don't have the older ones to help out and entertain the young ones (say, when I'm cooking dinner or taking a shower).  Although, at 8, Game Boy is a help.  He tends to step up to the challenge when his older siblings are gone.  He takes over the helper and protector role and usually becomes more responsible (if only for the week).

Thankful today for the beautiful weather and the time to cherish my three younger children, praying that my older boys are enjoying church camp, and looking forward to seeing extended family this weekend!

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