Saturday, July 6, 2013

7 QT - July 4th Style

We headed  out to the country for a little farm fun to celebrate Independence Day...

1.  Toddler Boy rockin his flag shirt (which already has a hole in it)!  It didn't have that when I put it on him this morning, I swear.  No matter how many times I put them up he always manages to find the kid scissors that his sister uses for her art projects.  (Or, more likely, she gets them down for a project and then doesn't put them back up).  Then he turns them around and snips little holes in his t-shirts.  He is really going thru his older brother's hand me downs, considering he's our fourth boy, that's saying something.  If he's not careful I'm going to start putting him in his sister's hand me downs!  It would be an impressive punishment if he was a bit older but at this age he actually likes putting on Princess' stuff just to annoy her.

 2.  No trip to the farm is complete without a horse ride.  I think Toddler Boy enjoyed this one as much as this one...

Toddler Boy riding Murphy

3.  I'm a terrible horse picture taker.  Murphy walked right up to us and Princess and Toddler Boy were in heaven.  I was just busy freaking out and making sure they didn't get stepped on.  Horses are ALOT bigger when you're standing next to one in a field with three kids and no fences separating you and them.  At one point in the day the older boys left the gate unlatched and Mr. Murphy came walking up the path to the house.  Luckily he was pretty easy going and Doug's mom got him back in the fence.

4.  Here's a better horse picture of Princess riding Joey (at least his head is in the shot).  In my defense, I am taking the picture while holding a squirming Toddler Boy and dodging Murphy, who was trying to eat the grass at my feet.

5.  Doug's parents' farm doesn't just have horses, there are cats and dogs aplenty too!  The younger kids kept the cats busy.

Of course there was fishing!!

Enjoying strawberry shortcake

6.  Then we returned home for the fireworks show in our front yard, thanks to the boys...

Fun with sparklers
Nice lightshow!

7.  Happy to announce that no one was harmed lighting any of the fireworks.  I and the littles had our seats on the porch and watched them do all the fireworks in the street.  Toddler Boy was a bit freaked out by the loud noises and kept ducking for cover behind my lawn chair but by the end he was a bit less jumpy.  Hope everyone had a fun filled Independence Day!!

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  1. At least there were no burns, even if that flag shirt did have to give little bits of its long textile life for the cause!

  2. The hole in the flag shirt made me laugh! Our Henry is the same way - he gets holes in everything (thankfully, most of his clothes are hand-me-downs)! The only thing our farm is missing is a horse, but my husband isn't much of a horse fan, so until he's converte, I don't think we'll ever have one! Great pics!