Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Random Stuff

1.  OK, so Jen is doing a 7 Quick Takes Appreciation giveaway (and I was planning on doing a short quick takes today, truly I was).  Doug was up early to go to work today and being the good wife that I am I got up early to visit with him while all the kiddos were still in bed, so I figured I'd put something truly "quick" together for you.  ("You" being my Mom and Uncle, who are the only ones I'm aware of who read my blog on a regular basis).

2.  Referring to #1, I might be stretching it a bit with my Mom.  Occasionally, when I ask her if she read my latest post she responds "well, I haven't been on the computer lately" in other words "No".  Not that I'm at all upset by that, I blog for myself.  It has become an easy way to scrapbook my crazy busy life without all the mess.  I am not a crafty person either, not by a long shot!  But I can type and post pictures, so there you go, blogging is right up my ally.

3.  I went to my annual check-up last week, I'm only a few months late in going.  I was putting it off until I felt "healthier", in other words, started a new exercise program and lost 10 lbs.  I seem to be stuck in this cycle that has repeated itself with the last three babies (that's a post to itself).  After procrastinating for two months I finally just made the appointment to get it over with.  I have a great doctor so he didn't crucify me over the weight I gained this past year, but he did prescribe me some meds for issues that are not a big deal for me.  In other words, I don't have to take them, it might improve the quality of my life if I did, but I can elect to forgo them.  Is this making sense to anyone?

Why, oh why, do I ever read the pharmacy disclaimers that they include with the drugs.  You know, the ones that say "this drug can cause blood clots and other serious issues, so you should only be on them for a limited time, yada yada yada..."  I start thinking, "do I really, really need to take this, I think I like my odds better without it".  Honestly, I have scores of prescription drugs that I purchased but never took, at some point I could start my own pharmacy.  Maybe I'm being overly sensitive to this one because I have had friends die from blood clots, so I know they're nothing to mess around with.  Does anyone else do this to themselves?!

4.  In response to #3 my Mom would tell me to go back to the doctor and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety meds.  She'd say something along the lines of "you're becoming like your Grandmother".  Lucky for me, my Mom doesn't always read my blog (refer to #2).  As a test, I'll wait and see how long it takes for her to mention this to me...

5.  Disclaimer to #4, I have a wonderful Mom, really I do.  I consider myself blessed in the parentage department, they're the best.  My kids can attest that they make awesome Grandparents too.  You can see a picture of my folks in one of my earlier posts where I talk about their love of motorcycle riding.

6.  When I was a teenager my parents hired a woman we knew to come over and clean the house about once a month.  Mom would always make me and my sister clean the house the day before the cleaning lady was scheduled to come.  We would always respond, "why are we cleaning when someone is coming to clean the house"?!  Mom would tell us she wanted her to be able to focus on the deep cleaning stuff, like windows and cabinets, that we never get to instead of stuff we could do ourselves.  As an adult, I understand what she's talking about, but as a teen I thought it was ridiculous.  I think the same could be said about my avoidance of the doctor.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, why do I feel the need to get all my ducks in a row before going to the doctor?  Isn't that what I'm paying him for, to advise me on the best way to take care of my health?  He actually did have some suggestions that I hadn't considered (go figure).  And it ends up I was worried about nothing, the appointment went well.  I had geared myself up for him telling me I had some sort of issue that would be fatal if not taken care of immediately, but that did not happen.  Did I mention I love my general practitioner, who, bonus for me, is also an OB/GYN.  He's delivered my last three babies, can read NFP charts and is extremely pro-life (and Catholic to boot).

7.  If this 7 Quick Takes seems totally strange, please remember it is really early in the morning and I haven't had any coffee or tea yet.  That is next on the agenda for the day!

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