Friday, July 6, 2012


This posts is for my Mom & Dad, who don't have time to start their own blog because they're always out riding so I'll give them their little moment of fame on my site...

When my Dad went out and bought a motorcycle a few years ago my sister and I were stumped.  Was this some late mid-life crisis thing going on?  My Mom informed us that Dad had always wanted a motorcycle, even when we were little.  Shocking, I never recall my Dad saying anything about motorcycles or really paying that much attention to them.  Now that he is retired my Mom and him go on "roadtrips" all...the...time.  Which is fine, Doug and I joke that it must be nice to be able to do all this traveling (although, I prefer a nice car with AC).  Wait, did I mention my Dad's bike has AC?  Yes, you read that right, it has air conditioning.  It also has a nice radio and they have helmets that can plug into the radio and talk to each other at the same time.  I think there's even a way to hook my Mom's smartphone into the helmets.  Yeah, Mom has a smartphone too (you need it when taking roadtrips on motorcycles, in case you get lost or the weather gets bad and you need to check the radar).  I think they mostly use it to find a good restaurant.  My mom's custom seat in the back even has armrests and a cupholder, I think.  Not to fear, if I'm wrong about that I'm sure Dad will correct me in the comment section!

Dad has now owned a few different bikes, but his ride of choice is a trike.  Here's the one they had back in 2010..

Taken on Florida vacation (note palm trees in background)

Soccer Boy riding with Grandpa
(they wear helmets when not posing for picture)

That one is now sold.  Currently, my Dad has a new tricked out trike we call "The Black Stallion"...

Dad & Mom on "The Stallion"

For the record, Soccer Boy has stated that he would like to inherit The Stallion, which as his mom I have a few reservations.  Not the least of which is I am not ready for him to inherit anything!  I still need Mom and Dad around and I'm sure they have quite a few quality years left.  It is, however, quite a turn of events to be praying for your parents' trips and safe return when you know they're out riding in the mountains on highways with names like "Tail of the Dragon" that has 300+ turns in an eleven mile stretch.  What makes people want to go out and risk their safety like this?!  As I recall my folks never wanted me to ride motorcycles as a teenager, something about them being "dangerous" and all that.

Not to mention, their trips are highly inconvenient for me.  I mean, aren't they supposed to be available to watch their grandchildren at the drop of a hat?  I seem to recall spending lots of time at my grandparent's house as a child.  Just saying...

Ultimately, I am just happy that this new pastime of theirs gives them so much enjoyment.  I do like looking at their pictures and hearing the stories they have to tell of their adventures.  So if you see them out and about on The Black Stallion say "hi" to them for me!! Mom & Dad with love


  1. Amy,
    I admire their spirit of adventure. Since I don't have a good sense of balance and mega allergies to anything windblown, motorcycles have never appealed to me...but I hope they enjoy their second, third or is it their fourth childhood now. LOL

  2. Amy,
    Re: Blog Design:
    Are you aware that the comment verifier can be turned off? You can still block anonymous comments even if it's turned off. Just a thought.

  3. Haa haa! Reminds me of the commercial where she encourages her parents to join facebook to get a life! Love it!! Way to go Mom and Dad!!
    Add me!!