Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes - New Blog Edition

I'm so excited to be writing my first 7 Quick Takes!  I've been reading and enjoying 7QT for years and from it have found many blogs that I enjoy and check in on from time to time.  Thanks to Jen for hosting!

1.  This is an Apple IIC, which is the first computer my family owned (yes, that is a screen pic of pac-man, which I also played on our computer as a kid).  I learned to type on that thing and it went to college with me freshman year.  It was a wonderful glorified typewriter computer, I spent many a late night doing research papers on it (which beat walking to the computer lab).  Oh how far we have come!

2.  A recent picture of my kids at one of their favorite indoor playlands.  They're one of the reasons I started this blog, so I can remember more accurately this crazy busy and incredibly blessed time in my life and theirs.  I love you guys!!

3.  The first blogger I started following regularly was Sarah over at Snoring Scholar.  I actually got to meet her in real life at the Behold Conference in Peoria, IL this year!  (Wish I would have thought to take a picture,  I guess there's always next year).  She is just as cool to talk with in person as to read on her blog and she just so happens to be giving away an e-copy of her new yet to be released book A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary From Conception to Baptism.  All you need to do is to write a review on your blog.  What better reason to start a blog than to get a free advance copy of her book?!  Here's the link

4.  Since I'm plugging and dropping names I'll have to mention that author and blogger Brandon Vogt said that he thinks Blogger is one of the easiest interfaces to use to start blogging.  Well...the writing part is coming easy to me but the blog design part, not so much.  Did I mention I was an accountant in my former life and have absolutely NO creative art skills whatsoever?!  Since Brandon wrote the book on The Church and New Media (which I have on my kindle and highly recommend) I'll have to assume he has considerably more expertise in this blog design area.  I'll just keep praying hoping the design stuff will become easier as I gain more experience with it, we'll see...

5.  We are in cable company hell over here this week (well, we have been since before the 4th of July).  I actually started writing this post a few weeks ago but due to losing our internet over the holiday I am just now getting it posted.  We still do not have our home phone back.  Today has officially been "7 business days" so I'll have to call them (on my cell phone) and see what's going on.  Then I'll have to set up a date to sit here and wait for them to actually install the home phone.  This on top of the new trash company who took TWO WEEKS to deliver our new garbage cans.  They were delivered yesterday so today's project is getting all the trash and recycling out of our house.

6.  We're a good recycling bunch over here, so do you know how many cardboard boxes a family of seven can accumulate in two weeks!  Yeah, you know what I'll be doing today.

7.  I will admit that the forced internet fast over the July 4th holiday was interesting.  I had no idea how often we jumped on-line for just small stuff like looking up directions or a phone number.  Had to pull out the old phone book a few times!  I really didn't think I spent that much time on-line but I did have a lot more time to get stuff done around the house.  Also, my hubby and I spent more time together in the evenings, as opposed to one of us being on-line (hubby) and the other one reading a book (me).  We tended to talk more, even when just watching t.v. together.  So it seems the internet can suck away your brain cells...who knew?!  And with that I'm publishing and jumping off line for awhile.

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