Thursday, June 25, 2015

Master Bath Remodel

A couple weeks ago Doug and the oldest three boys headed off to camp.  While they were away I asked my folks to come up and help me with a surprise bathroom remodel...

Here are the before shots...
Single towel rack and rusting curtain rod

My daughter is an "artist"

Floor missing tiles
Counter a jumbled mess...

I asked him to make a sad face!

About 8 years ago we remodeled our master bedroom and in the process we enlarged our master bathroom.  The bathroom floor was not completely level but we were in a hurry and didn't have time to correct it (which then caused the ceramic tiles to crack years later).  Since it was in our master bathroom it was a project that was put on the back burner.  My dad offered to come over and help me install a new floor and since you have to rip everything out to do that I thought I might as well go all in and do a complete makeover.

As soon as the boys headed off to camp I removed everything from our bathroom and put it in the boys' bathroom down the hall.  Then dad came over and we removed the cabinet and toilet and took up the old floor.  We discovered the copper pipes sat about 2 inches high so we needed to build the floor up to meet it or else the toilet wouldn't sit level.  Dad did new subflooring and then he laid a floating tile on top.

I did lots and lots of painting.  Painting until 1:30 am on multiple days kind of painting.  Some of the pictures come off as green, but the wall color is actually a neutral beige.  Installed a new toilet and a new, curved curtain rod.  I kept our curtain because it wasn't that old and it happened to match the new paint color.  But I did pick up a new white rug, white towels and a double towel rack.  I hear what you're thinking...white?!  I love the white, and bleach can fix anything.

Pics of the process...

Primer coat done

Adding the subfloor

New color...

New floor!!

Painting over her mural

We barely got everything done and the house picked up before I had to head off to camp to pick up the boys.  They were impressed, Doug said he could leave town again if we wanted to do another project.

The finished product...

Added space from curved shower rod

Floor makes me so happy!

Love the white cabinets

Doubled towel bar

Dad wood worked a new piece we
stained to match the floor

I've got to say one of my favorite things is the amount of shower space the curved shower rod adds.  The illusion makes it appear that the shower is 50% larger, which is very cool.  Laying the floor pattern the way we did makes the space seem bigger too.  The white towels gives it a spa like atmosphere.  I went with the more expensive Behr Marquee paint because we were doing a bathroom and I wanted to avoid mold.  Since the plaster had never been painted (and I was covering the "artwork") I did a base primer coat before the color.  Here's the specifics:

ceiling & shower:  Behr Marquee white interior satin
cabinet & mirror:  Behr Marquee ultra pure white interior semi-gloss
walls:  Behr Marquee interior satin MQ2-37 Eiffel For You
floor:  Allure Ivory Travertine tile flooring

Note to self...I was interrupted no less than 50 times trying to finish up this blog post, which took two days.  Probably why I don't blog more.  #lifewithyoungchildren  #Iwouldn'tchangeathing

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