Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter, Alleluia, Alleluia!!  He is risen indeed!

It has been a rough holy week around here with the three younger kids coming down with (what we later found out) Flu B.  We survived on rented videos, snack food and fever meds.  Toddler Boy started running the fever Wednesday night, then Princess and Game Boy on Thursday.  By Sunday they were fever free, so judgment call...do you take them to Easter dinner or not?  We opted to go to my folks house for lunch but the Easter hunting wore them out so we skipped stopping by Doug's folks after that and went home.  Hindsight, I'm glad we did because they started running fevers again when we arrived home.  In fact, I took Soccer Boy to the doctor yesterday when he started running a fever and he tested positive for Flu B.  The doc said that was the first time in his career he's done a positive test for Flu B this late into the season (April).  Lucky us.

To add to the chaos, Soccer Boy was playing 9 square in the air at youth group Friday and twisted his ankle.  He spent Saturday with his foot elevated and applying ice packs.  Saturday was a baking day for me because I was bringing dessert and I also wanted to drop some food off at my grandmother's house.  Her 88th birthday fell on Easter this year!  What a blessing.  My grandmother decided not to renew her driver's license this year.  She told me she really never drives anymore, she only drove one time this past year.  On Saturday my dad went with her so she could drive one last time, which she really enjoyed.  When we heard the story at Easter dinner my BIL made the comment that it really makes you think.  We usually look forward to the first time we get to do something (like us getting to teach Firstborn how to drive).  But you rarely think about the last time you get to experience an event or activity.  Puts things in perspective.

Doug and I did the divide and conquer routine so he attended Saturday Easter services as the Protestant church with Firstborn and then I attended Sunday morning Mass solo.  We did egg dying Saturday while they were out, along with all the holiday baking (because I'm crazy).

The kids woke up to their annual Easter baskets, which I didn't get a photo of before they demolished them.  I am proud of the fact I was ahead of the game and bought them early.  Like, early early, when the stores first had them out.  This is only because in previous years I waited until the last minute and baskets are the hardest thing to find.  You can wait until Holy Week to buy plastic eggs and candy but baskets are in short supply.  Princess got a Frozen basket and Toddler Boy got TMNT, which is his latest addiction.  Game Boy was with me on basket shopping day and got to pick his own, he had a camo design.  Game Boy and Soccer Boy are my shoppers, they love picking out gifts for other people.  I also picked up some little toys and such to fill the baskets, then I spent all of Lent keeping them hidden.

Princess has been begging to wear the Easter dress that Doug's mom got her and she finally got to wear it to Easter lunch and egg hunting...

After lunch we sent our faithful teenage egg hiders out to assist the Easter bunny...

They did the job a little too good this year, some of the eggs were a bit difficult to hunt.  Really, when dealing with a large field, all you have to do is lay them in the grass.

More egg hunting pics...

Toddler Boy with Daddy

Favorite TMNT shirt

Great Grandma's house in background

Me, my mom and sister Julie

View from the porch

After the egg hunt there was dessert and then the older boys went fishing while the younger kids took a nap because they were so wiped out.  The adults played a few rounds of dominoes, trash talking abounds, even on holidays in our family.  I think Mom won all three rounds, we're still trying to figure out how she cheats at this game.

As I'm typing this the weather radio keeps going off, Spring has arrived in the Midwest.  I think we're in for some rough weather over the next couple days.  Stay safe and Happy Easter to all my blogger friends!

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