Saturday, April 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes of the Slacker Variety

1.  We have been slacking this week on the home front.  Last weekend (Easter) was super crazy and by Monday morning the house looked like a bomb had exploded.  The clutter was killing me so Tuesday afternoon was cleaning day at the abode.  Doug was impressed I stayed up til 9:30 that night sweeping the floors and then had the kids help me finish up Wednesday morning.  I didn't even do all the horizontal surfaces in the house.  You know, all those "hot spots" that attract paper clutter (ping pong table, desk, kitchen island).  Although I did get my piano cleaned off and dusted, it looks so much better.  I actually sat down and played a bit this afternoon (it was Christmas music).  I realize we're still in the Easter Octave but Christmas music is some of my favorite to play because I know it so well.

2.  We finally broke down and let our kids play games on the new iPhones.  I think I've created a monster and Toddler Boy wants to play Angry Birds all the time now.  Between that and Princess' new fascination with Minecraft my electronics limit has been reached.  You know it's bad when every time I turn around this is what I see...
Boys vegging out

Princess with "her precious"

Yeah, definitely time for a technology fast at our house!  We've done it before, usually for a week at a time (I'm not a saint).  It's always brought a sense of tranquility when you realize you CAN live without cable TV/internet/video games and life as you know it will not end.

3.  However, I'm not doing it next week because Jen's new book is being released!  It comes out on Tuesday but I just pre-ordered it yesterday because I'm famous for waiting until the last minute on important deadlines and such.

I have no patience and so I usually order the kindle version so I can read it as soon as possible.  This time I decided to order the hardcover because I plan to be able to loan it out.  For the few people who might possibly read this blog who don't know Jennifer Fulwiler, she blogs at Conversion Diary and is the host for the 7 Quick Takes link up.  She is also a atheist to Catholic convert, public speaker, awesome blogger and homeschool mother to six children.  Obviously, I haven't read the book yet since it will be released next week but I might do a book review when I get it because word on the interweb is that it is epic.

4.  A couple weeks back the three older boys went to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house, which left Doug and I to parent the little ones.  The house was so quiet and it was a bit of a break not having to make as much food as when the whole gang is home.  We whipped through Princess' lessons and read a lot of books together.  Plus we ate lunch out with Dad one afternoon...
Dad and the youngest
Yeah, we were at a bar, notice the Bud sign
They have great burgers!!

Our selfie shot

5.  I'm needing to kick start my paleo diet because of my zero energy levels and my weight is slowly rapidly creeping back up.  This week has kicked my butt, I'm barely staying awake to finish up this post.  It's only 9:41 p.m.  Not good.  I missed not one but two gym workouts this week.  I ran across this link on Facebook of 100 Paleo Breakfast Ideas recipes that look super yummy.  I know I have so much more energy when I eat right, but man!  I'm living on coffee, leftover Easter candy and Pepsi Throwback right now (not the paleo coffee, the kind with lots of cream and sugar).  Good news is our Easter candy is pretty much gone.  Candy does not live long in our household, it's eat or one of your siblings gets it instead.

6.  We didn't do a big family shot for Easter this year, I tried but the menfolk in our family would not cooperate.  So Princess and I snapped one outside of church...
Can you tell it was really windy?
Princess in her white dress
Gift from Grandma
Brother begrudgingly added!

I'm glad we made it to 5:00 church services on Saturday because our 9 year old Game Boy was up half of that night sick.  It turned out not to be anything contagious, but we weren't sure at the time so we decided to stay home for the holiday.  We had been planning to visit both sets of grandparents, and all the cousins were invited too.  Everyone was super disappointed but we figured the risk of other families coming down with a stomach virus was just not worth it.  Doug's mom graciously drove up to our house to deliver food from their big Easter meal.

7.  I'm happy the weather is going to be nice today because Doug & I are heading out on a date this afternoon!  What does that have to do with the weather, you may ask?  My folks have graciously offered to do the babysitting, on the condition that it does not rain so the kids can play outside.  They live in the "country" with a fishing pond, trampoline and tree house.  Their babysitting stint is made loads easier when they can send the kiddos outside to burn off energy.  We will probably eat at our fave Mexican restaurant and see a movie, either Transcendence or Captain America 2.  I hope the kids soak in lots of sun because the forecast for the remainder of the week is rain, rain, and more rain!

I'm heading down to my kitchen to try out one of those paleo pancake to visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes!!

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