Saturday, March 1, 2014

Valentine's Day

Still playing post catch-up from February.  My mom watched the kids so Doug and I could go out the weekend before V-Day, so we did lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and a movie.  I had just come off my Whole30 challenge so the food was especially yummy.  We saw Monuments Men, which I thought was really good (but I'm a history fan).  I can't wait for it to come out on video so I can rent it for Firstborn because he's enjoys documentaries on WWI and WWII.

We picked up some candy for the kids, and drink cups with stuffed animals and balloons for the younger ones.
It's Friday - she's still wearing her
ballet leotard
I've been drinking coffee out of these every morning!

The following day we babysat for friends so they could enjoy an afternoon out.  They have three kids and one is a year old, at one point I put a video on in my bedroom for Princess and her friend so I could clean and entertain the younger ones.  I kept checking on the girls in my bedroom.  Every time I looked in on them they were sitting in the same place intently watching their princess video.  A few hours later my friends came and picked up their kids and we rushed to get ready to head to church services that evening.  When I went to put on my wedding ring (which had been sitting on my dresser) it wasn't where I had left it (uh oh)...

Me:  Have you seen my ring?
Princess:  Yes
Me:  Where?
Princess:  (insert 3 yr old friend's name) had it.
Me:  (alarmed) Do you know where she put it?
Princess:  No, why don't you ask her?

Of course, they had just left 5 minutes before!!  I immediately called my friend and asked her to ask her daughter if she knew the whereabouts of the missing ring.  Lucky for me, she did remember, she had basically put it back and it had fallen behind the T.V. on the dresser.  Crisis averted, ha!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day filled with lots of love.

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