Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When the 2 year old sneaks the camera...

I downloaded some pics off the camera the other day and realized there were quite a few on there that I didn't take myself.  It appears a sneaky 2 year old was happily snapping away.  Some on there were quite good so I thought I'd share.

What the world looks like through the eyes of a toddler...

Close up of sister's face
Toddler Boy took lots of pictures of things that interested him, and he had quite a few of Princess in there.  I'm not sure if she was his "partner in crime" on the camera heist or not.  I think the above shot was my favorite of the bunch.

Also funny to see how BIG Gertie appears to a two year old.  I realized that even our small dogs are actually very large to him.  Toddler Boy adores the dogs, they usually tolerate him because he is a great source of contraband food for them.

Selfie Shot

Princess must have helped with this one

Still working on that selfie shot, 2 year olds love, love, love to take and see pictures of themselves.  Not self absorbed at all, not in the least.

"Fishy Game"
Of course, we have to have a picture of his favorite fishy game.  He's not talented enough to play himself, but he enjoys watching his older siblings play and will start shrieking when the bad guys show up.

Gonna get you!
Speaking of games, here's an upclose of a Skylander piece that I was pretty impressed with.  Again, pretty big in the eye of a two year old.

All kinds of yummy!!
Last but not least, a creative shot of a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies I whipped up the other day.  I had no idea they were that important to him.  Seen from his level, those cookies look like all kinds of great.  Too bad they're all gone now, I'll have to make some more soon!!

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