Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Cardinals Edition

1.  Homeschooling started this week!  Our first week has gone pretty well, we've mostly just focused on the basics...reading, math, getting our schedule up and running.  There was a glitch in a delivery so our history books aren't here yet but other than that things seem to be going pretty smoothly.

2.  The house seems to be entirely a different matter.  I usually like to start our homeschooling year with a decluttered home but so far that hasn't happened.  Since Fridays tend to be light days around here we will probably spend extra time trying to get the house pulled together before the weekend.

3.  Speaking of pulling the house together we need to pull the clothes closets together too.  We're in the dreaded process of switching the seasons around and trying to figure out if we have enough winter clothes for all the kids or if we need to do some shopping.  The grandparents keep asking if we have clothes for this child or that child, and honestly, I have no idea...but I don't really sound like a good, organized mom when I say stuff like that!  My thinking is, if they are already trying to buy ahead for Christmas then they are way more organized than I am at this point.

Toddler Boy ready for the game!!
Looking stylish in his Cards jersey

4.  Doug & I spent Thursday afternoon at the Cardinals game with Firstborn, Soccer Boy and Toddler Boy (the other kids went to grandma's since we only had four tickets).  It was a great game and the seats were awesome (and by awesome, I mean they were in the shade so we didn't pass out from heat exhaustion).  I was feeling a bit spoiled because they were club seats (the tickets were a gift from one of Doug's business associates).  Toddler Boy and I took full advantage of the air conditioned concession area a couple of times when he became too antsy and needed to walk around a bit.  He absolutely loves being outside and enjoyed the game immensely.  He would always cheer with the crowd whenever the Cards made a great play.  A Cardinal fan in the making!

5.  Had to mention that the tickets showed "World Class Champions vs. Astros"  Milking that World Series title for everything she's worth!  Seriously, it was a great game, we fell behind but started a rally with a three run homer (thank you Mr. Freese).  Holliday had a three run double too.  The final score was a 13-5 Cards win.  A fun day at the ballpark.  The older gentleman who sat in front of us asked the boys how they got out of school to go to a ballgame.  They answered "our teacher let us", and he jokingly replied "your teacher let you play hooky from school?!"  I answered "yes, because I'm their teacher and I'm playing hooky too!"  Ah, the joys of homeschooling...when someone gifts you with free tickets to an afternoon baseball game during the school year you can take advantage of it.

6.  This weekend looks to be a busy one for us, with soccer games, birthday parties and a day at the waterpark planned.  Officially, I hate weekends like this.  All of these activities are good and fun but they really take a toll on the family when we're in and out and running here and there the entire two days.  There's no down time built into it.  Sadly, none of these activities can be rescheduled so I'm praying Doug and I can hold it together and not spontaneously combust before the end of it.  It appears this week I may actually be looking forward to Monday morning!!

7.  I've run out of quick takes so I'm off to get my day started and clean my house, have a good weekend!!

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